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EUROPESOFTWARES 2023  By Audrey & Christian

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[1]  How to add a language in the EuropeSoftwares software?
This tutorial explains how to add a language to the EuropeSoftwares software. The addition is done with a small utility. The translation can be divided into three phases: open a file which serves as the basis for the translation, then translate the content into the selected language and finally save the translated texts in a new file.

[2]  How to translate a help_XXX.html file from EuropeSoftwares software?
This tutorial explains how to translate an HTML file into another language. This translation is done through a specialized site such as Google, Bing or others ...

[3]  Documentation for troubleshooting the first level of Java software
This documentation contains instructions for installing the JAVA software before contacting support.

[4]  Run a Java program with administrator rights
This tutorial explains how to run a Java program (jar) with administrator rights. The file must be of type * .BAT. to be

[5]  Can Java JRE connect to the Internet?
This tutorial explains how to test if Java JRE is allowed to connect to the Internet using a small utility (myIP.jar). Otherwise, your computer's firewall may block Java JRE.


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